EP Reviews by Pros & Fans

THANK YOU to those who have already purchased our EP, many of whom have listened so many times that they know our songs by heart! There is no feeling quite like looking into a crowd at your show and seeing people sing along to your very own original song!


We are honored to have had some industry professionals critique our EP, 'More than Meets the Eye.' Here is what they had to say:

"Boo Radley' is something special. I really enjoy this music and want to hear much more. It's really, really good."

~ PETER COOPER, Music Editor, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN


"...just finished listening to the songs (like 5 times in a row). I really like the tunes, especially 'Uphill.' 

These songs will show a whole new group of music lovers why Boo Radley is so popular along the Forgotten Coast. Beautiful harmonies and thoughtful lyrics - these are songs that you appreciate more and more on each listen."

~ MICHAEL ALLEN, Owner/Program Director, Oyster Radio, WOYS, Eastpoint, FL


"I think the CD sounds great and enjoyed hearing it...very cool! ...I think your music is very unique and love your style."

~ CHRIS LEUZINGER, Professional Session Guitarist, Nashville, TN  


"'More than Meets the Eye' - Wonderful pairing of voices, and incredible production values. 

'Ballad of Me, Myself, and I' - Great storytelling. Some heartfelt work and touching tones. 

'Uphill' - Very nice upbeat and uplifting sound with a positive look at the future.On this, as all selections so far, I am impressed with the guitar work interlaced with the sweet harmonies.

'My Good Friend' - Another impressive writing effort showing in tandem with perfectly matched vocals. Harmonies are tight and that's tough on a slower number!

'Not Home Yet' - Another strong presentation of solid Americana. Vocals mesh wonderfully and create a pleasing effect to tell the tale. 

'Picnic on the Roof' - Great big sound in production that sets this slightly apart from the rest of the EP. Once again, a good effort of relating a story, this time with a haunting feel and a grabbing effect of the fade-in of the vocals on phrasing.

~ JOHN BAKER, Online Personality/Program Director, Gulf 104, Tallahassee, FL (Clear Channel)


"...It's a seven-song slice of assured musicianship and warm harmonies, with Matson's (now Turner) honey-rich voice meshing seamlessly with Turner's, which ranges effortlessly from baritone to tenor.

...The song that stuck in my ear was 'Uphill,' with its spry picking and deft melodicism. When Matson unleashes her voice on the chorus, it's glorious."

KATIE SCHARDL, Music and Entertainment Columnist, Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL


Here is what just a few of our listeners have to say:

"While driving I had your CD on repeat the entire trip. The more I listen the more I appreciate the song-craft and talent of you guys! The whole way I NEVER tired of listening to those same 7 songs, over and over. And the recording, players, and production work makes the songs soar. Thanks so much for your music and I hope ALL your dreams come true, and more!"

~ RICHARD F., Tallahassee, FL


"...the ONLY thing I did not like about your EP was that there weren't more songs on it! I wanted to keep listening for a much longer time!!

~ GREG J., Minnesota


"I am blown away by the CD! You guys make MAGIC, plain and simple! I'm gonna wear this one out!"

~ MARCY S., Mexico Beach, FL


"'More than Meets the Eye' is a strong collection of well crafted songs. Superb vocals with tight harmonies are blended with intricate guitar work to produce a fantastic listening experience. An experience second only to hearing Boo Radley live."

~ CLIFF M., Monticello, FL